Our Story-1


How it began!!

Dr M Holistic Wellness, is an idea that sprung from deep-rooted elements and habits that have been a part of our life for a long time. Growing up in India, our gardens were the source of cure for many regular health aliments. As naturopathic, sports medicine and pain management professionals, we understood the extreme high potential of these naturally available products and set on a journey to bring them to you. This in addition to our vast experience with international customers for wellness products, was a realization of the immense need for these extremely beneficial products.

With a massive global shift in lifestyle choices and the rise in demand for natural and organic alternatives amongst wellness products, we at Dr M intend to bring a change and deliver precisely what we promised – The most natural and organic remedy to alleviate pain and indulge in its goodness.

Our endeavor is to achieve the ideals we have established at Dr M Holistic Wellness. Through this incredible journey, each ingredient in our products has been carefully sourced and formulated in the best possible combination of ancient wisdom and modern science to ensure the best outcome every single time. 

Experience the satva

According to Ayurveda - there are many ways to describe satva / sattva - Honest, pure, natural holistic essence of life which can help bring balance and harmony between the body, mind and soul.

Our Mission

To be the first and unparalleled choice of wellness products that help to tap the innate instinct of our body to heal from within, using nature, and innovation in the right amalgamation.

Our Values (percs)

  • Passion:The fuel that drives us to deliver the best experience.
  • Excellence:To be profoundly unique and outdo ourselves each time.
  • Reliability:To consistently perform and be trusted.
  • Commitment: To ensure the best each time we deliver.
  • Sustainability:To remain socially, economically and environmentally conscious.